Septic Tank Pumping

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Septic Tank Pumping and Repairs

How a Septic Tank Works

Let's Start With The Basics!

Waste flows into the INLET from your house and through the first BAFFLE
The SCUM floats to the top
The SLUDGE goes to the bottom
The EFFLUENT (liquid) in the middle flows through to the second side of the septic tank
Then, it flows out of the second BAFFLE and into the drain (or leach) field
The second baffle has a FILTER that stops any escaped solids from going into the drain field
BOTH sides of your septic tank need to be pumped!
Risers allow easier access to your septic tank,
So, you don't have to dig to pump or clean the filter.

Our Pledge To You!

Septic Tank Pumping, LLC

Promises to be completely honest with you about the septic work you need done!

Other companies only pump one tank or a little bit of water off the top

We will pump BOTH tanks like they should be pumped!

We will inform you of all options available to put your septic system back in tip top shape.

We will do a complete and thorough job for you!

Septic Tank Pumping

Getting your septic tank pumped is extremely important, but most of us just don’t think about doing it! The old saying “If isn’t broke, don’t fix it” is what we think about septic, but that’s because we can’t see what’s really happening underground! The reality is that you NEED to pump your septic tank every 3-5 years or more, so that you don’t end up with a back up or a failed drain field!

Septic Baffle Repairs

If your septic tank was installed before 1998, the concrete baffle will need to be replaced with a PVC baffle. The old concrete baffles were thought to be a great idea until they realized that the methane gases were making the concrete fall apart and allowing the solids to go right into the drain field!

Septic Tank Filter

The Septic Tank filter stops the solids from going into the drain field. Therefore, it needs to be cleaned or it will get clogged and cause your septic system to back up! Which brings us to the next point…

Septic Back Ups are our Specialty!

Septic Back Ups are no fun for anyone! We understand and we can get you up and flowing again in no time! So, if you have slow drains, gurgling toilets, a foul smell in the yard, or just obvious septic coming into your house, give us a call!

Septic Tank Risers

Installing Septic Tank Risers allow easy access to your septic tank for pumping, repairs, and filter cleaning too! And because you’re supposed to get your septic tank pumped regularly, you might as well know where your tank is and be able to get to it easily too!

Other Septic Repairs

Mainline to Septic

Septic Mainline

Your Septic Mainline can get clogged if you put things down the drain that you're not supposed to like grease, animal fat, wipes, etc.

Septic Clean Out

Septic Clean Out

We can install a sewer popper into your septic clean out plug, so that if you back up, the excess sewage will go outside instead of inside!

Effluent Pump for Septic Tank

Effluent Pump

Some Septic Systems require a pump to get the sewage to the drain field. If your pump stops working, we can replace it for you!

Drain Field Installation

Septic Drain Field

Whether you are building a new home or need a new drain field or septic system installed, we are your personal septic experts!